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                      Corporate culture

                      Enterprise spirit: pioneers, hardworking and enterprising, persistent efforts, pragmatic innovation, scientific and harmonious.

                      Enterprise values: brand + employees + social dedication = enterprise value.

                      Enterprise tenet: keep abreast with The Times, guide the trend, create the future, serve the human.

                      New century business philosophy: dedication and hard work, open promotion marketing, creating environment, service extension market.

                      New century management philosophy:In order to achieve the goal of strategy, we will use the system to standardize the behavior, to make the team with affinity and cohesion, to drive the development by mechanism and change the status quo by strategy.

                      New century talent philosophy:The combination of "capital" and "intellectual capital" is realized by people and values.

                      New century quality concept:Quality is cast in the new century, brand reputation is global.

                      New century service philosophy: customer first, integrity! Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!